Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another New Year's

First, the Nittany Lions sucked. They tanked the Rose Bowl. That was by far the lowest point of this year's end visit to the Layous. The first time we all really get to watch a bowl game together, and, yeah. The snacks were good though.
Most of the trip was spent being constantly amused by the now very much talk twins. Seriously hilarious and adorable and too much to take. Highlights include Nittany Lions and Shdohn! I just can't get over what little men they are. Where did our babies go?
Let's see, the facts....
Batzers arrived on Monday. Tuesday was John's birthday, and we had dinner at um, the Barn place. Red Barn? I don't know. I forget. It was tasty meat and silly birthday embarassment for John. Karen's birthday pumpkin pie was better than the peachy croissant thing according to John.
The Jurans arrived early enough on the 31st for the girls to head out for a spa and shopping day. Anne became a massage addict fairly easily. Shoe therapy was necessary to get Duffy over a small emotional hurdle. All was good. Then we place Raymond's Rabbid Revenge. The video speaks for itself. Which will need to be viewed on facebook or uploaded by Dann.
New Year's was as always quiet. When Kathy Griffin's dirty faux pax is the most excitement, you know you are middle aged.
We all got to stay through New Year's Day, and enough has been said about that.
As always leaving was hard, but knowing the birthday party is around the corner makes it easier.

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