Monday, June 9, 2008


Well the best laid plans....
The original plan for this past weekend was a Friday trip to Hershey Park and a Saturday trip to Gettysburg. But as she does, Mother Nature had different ideas. Two years ago it was lots of rain. This year it was heat and humidity. At times I walked out the door, however briefly, and felt like I needed a snorkel.
Anyway as we always do, we made the absolute best of a less than optimal situation.
First everyone arrived at almost the same moment on Friday. For an hour or so we managed to make complete fools of ourselves over the twins. How many adults does it take to play Legos and feed pasta? Apparently, seven. Alex the Wonder Sister babysat for us, so we could turn ourselves loopy at Hershey Park. Alex is now in love with Noah and David. They have been compared to Grayson and that is saying something.
While Alex played with the twins, we did our best to fit in as many roller coasters into 3 hours as possible. We were pretty successful. The lateness of the hour and the earliness of the season meant short lines. I have to admit that I hadn't been on a coaster for a while and was more apprehensive than I normally would have been. That stopped after The Stormrunner which might be the best coaster I have ever been on. Thanks for the courage, Karen. Sweaty, tired and content, we made our way back through the traffic to Carlisle with no throwing up in the car. Stomaches of steel. We need to go on the new show Hurl after chomping down everything fried between rides.
Saturday, we nixed Gettysburg. Too hot and humid. We had a nice breakfast and pretty much lazed around the rest of the day even to the point of ordering pizzas and buying a cake instead of cooking out and making a cake in the hot oven. Happy birthday to Anne. Welcome to being old. The boys kinda started to warm up to our dogs who were not helping matters with lots of barking and jumping. Finally, Noah and Snick bonded over love for a tennis ball, and David became empowered when he learned to shake his finger and said BAD to loud puppies.
Saturday evening we were mesmerized and made jealous by the Jurans' pictures from New Zealand. My mother is still talking about Anne's bungee jump. She is in awe. Also, she can't stop talking about how cute the twins are. I mean really can't. Ever. Each time she calls which has been three times at least.
Plans might have changed, but the amount of laughter and camaraderie did not. I always feel so content and recharged after one of our visits. No matter how awful the drive was or how plans change, our gettogethers are highlights to my year.

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