Sunday, October 14, 2007

Because Anne was a Girl Scout and Karen Likes Rocks...

... they are camping experts. They have things like tents and camping boxes that contain things to make sure you stay dry, sanitary, and well fed. Since they own these things, they like to use them, which led the Layous, Jurans, and Batzers to decide to go camping way back in 2004, I think. Someone correct me in the comments if I am wrong. Since then there have been five camping trips to various states. It starts in NC, then to the Smokeys, then somewhere I forget, then to the Jurans since our camp site got washed out, and finally this last time to Greenbriar State Park in MD. This trip was minus the Layous as they somehow think a visit from Grandma and Great Grandma is way more important. Whatever.
Anyhow these trips have all lead to much fun and memories including such quotes as "Angel turds" and "John is back on the meat." This last trip was no different.
The Jurans and Batzers arrived at Greenbriar at almost the same time, around 7 PM. Since Dann, the pyro, I mean, fire expert, was not there, James did his best to imitate him. The fire was going merrily as Anne and John set up tents, while I did my 4'10" best to help. Finally, we gorged ourselves of rice and beans, beers, and s'mores before calling it an evening.
Then next day a hearty breakfast of eggs'n'stuff lead the team out hiking. We started on The Bartman Trail, or as I shall call it from now on, Mount Doom. It was very steep and rocky. Thankfully there was no volcano at the top. (Anne and James, you will understand this after you have watch Lord of the Rings.) This led us to the AT. We trekked to The Washington Monument, a large stone tower which according to the sign was erected in one day by the bionic people of Boonsboro. We had our doubts. After getting muscled out of the way by a bunch of bird watchers, we made our way back to camp (Unlike Frodo, there were no giant eagles to help. Mount Doom is scary going down then up.), where the first memorable quote came from me. "I dogs." It was a valley girl kind of like, but didn't come out sounding that way. There were several suggestions of a shower between the twitters of laughter that subliminally were saying, Duffy is sooooo pretty.
Anne again delighted all of us with stuffed acorn squash for dinner which was enhanced greatly by good beer and wine. And baked apples. And s'mores some mores. Dinner prep saw John gain his first quote, "It's the opposite of phallic."
The fire huddle (I don't think it got above 60 degrees the whole trip.) led to another good quote from Anne this time. "James needs wood to start my fire." We are a PG13 group.
The weekend rounded out with clean up and a short walk around a nature loop. It was supposed to be a bike ride, but a defective tire pump ended that idea quickly. As we all said good bye, we agreed that Greenbriar would be an excellent place to camp again. Even if there were very loud cub scouts everywhere.
See pictures at this link:
Videos will be coming as soon as John figures out how to make the web site like them.
Also, any Jurans and Layous are welcome to correct or add to what my ancient mind might have jumbled.

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Karen Layou said...


The "place you don't remember" was Shenandoah National Park, we were there in July of 2005 over Dann's birthday weekend, and Anne made pie. It was hot, damn hot.

The hike you guys did this weekend sounds awesome...I am so jealous. While you were living it up in the cool breezes and sunshine, I was dealing with the in-laws and children who refused to nap while Daddy set up for the local volunteer fire station Fish Fry.

We will find a way to go camping soon. I want to get the kiddos out and I promise I will watch them when cliffs are ahead.